We love spending our time outdoors and it’s no secret that Australians share our love for the outdoors too. A pergola is the perfect finishing touch to any outdoor entertainment area. TBT can instal across Lilydale, Ringwood, Doncaster, and Yarra Valley. Pergolas are stunning structures that protect you and your crew from the weather and elements. They can bring your back yard to life and drastically enhance any well-executed decking.

An alfresco outdoor area or entertainment spot outside could add that missing feature and become the new essential backyard item in hosting events and dinners. As a leading pergola builder Melbourne is lucky to have the local TBT carpenter available to work with you on your design. TBT will work with your budget to produce the best outcomes for your outdoor space and your home.

We specialize in custom pergolas Melbourne

As a highly professional and design oriented carpenter, TBT can create pergola designs that are custom and fitting to your particular needs and specifications. Utilizing only the best materials available, TBT can build any custom design and offer reliable advise to transform your outdoor space. We build pergolas not only to look amazing and suit its function perfectly, but to give you a pergola that lasts.

Our goal here at TBT is to deliver the design you want, constructed at the highest standards while being on time and on budget. Building pergolas Melbourne is one of our many passions and we take pride in our work, so you can be assured that TBT will deliver a quality end result.

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