The perfect carport for your perfect place

Create a stylish and functional carport at your home with TBT. A carport is a brilliant addition for any home, we a well-designed and executed carport is able to protect your car, boat, caravan, trailer or bike from the harsh weather in Melbourne. Think of the sun, wind and rain that your vehicle is battling every night and day. These structures also add value to properties too. Sure you might already have a garage, but a carport could be a great choice if you need an extra car space or if your garage is taken as your shed already.

TBT is offering services in Melbourne including Yarra Valley, Lilydale, Doncaster and Ringwood. Our experience and customer satisfaction in building carports for Melbourne homes has earned us a place as a local industry leader for the installation of single and multi-space carports. Just like our famous decking and pergolas, a carport can be designed to suit your unique home and be a stunning addition to your yard. TBT builds carports in all sizes – suiting your space and the structure they are attached to of course. The materials used in our structures are chosen to be durable, weatherproof and long-lasting against the hard Australian environment.

Carport builders in Melbourne are easy to come by, but quality assured and competent workers are the tricky ones. TBT has experience crafting carports and other outdoor structures to suit a range of styles, spaces and unique visions. We will be happy to assist you every decision along the way and make your project as hassle-free and easy for you as possible.